Gorilla Playsets revised certainly one of their maximum famous swing units, the Blue Ridge Chateau, for 2009. New to the playset is the wooden dormers, chimney and sunburts functions to feature element to the roof. With those added features, the fee in this playground has now not modified.like several Gorilla Playsets, the Chateau features manufacturing facility stained top class Preserved Pine and all of the structural beams are handled with a Poly Coat. The Chateau lumber is warranted for ten years and all the add-ons for one. The swing set has a 19′ x 15′ footprint and calls for a further 30′ x 25′ safety zone. make certain to have a stage location for meeting. assembly time can vary. It took us a bit over four hours, but we’ve got enjoy assembling sets. The satisfactory notion i will make to anyone regarding the meeting manner is stay prepared. like all swingsets, ensure to test your hardware as part of your everyday upkeep.One you have the Chateau prepare, the children are going to like it! preferred functions on this swingset encompass: belt swings, one trapeze bar with earrings, picnic desk, sandbox, rock wall with hiking rope, ten foot radical wave slide, climbing rope ladder, telescope, and tic tac toe panel sport. greater then sufficient to ensure hours of amusing. As a determine, one in every of my preferred functions is the picnic table. On warm sunny days the kids could have lunch below cover and nevertheless be at the swingset.the advent of the Chateau is that of a miles extra luxurious set. in case you are inclined to take the time to collect your own swing set then you’ll receive great saving by means of shopping a geared up to gather playground. We fee shop a lot of playgrounds and local sellers were selling comparable units for over double what the Chateau value. on every occasion I have a look at our play set inside the again backyard, I feel pride understanding that now not only did we collect the swing set ourselves, however that we paid so much less the we may want to have and did not compromise the satisfactory.ordinary, i’d strongly advise this playground!